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About Component Engineering

Component Engineering mainly deals with small batch production of parts, often for cars/motorbikes however these skills and tooling lend themselves well to many other items,
Typical materials we work with are Aluminium, Stainless steel, Titanium, Mild Steel, other materials like Brass, Copper and Plastics etc are no issue.

Machined Components

There are often different ways to produce one component, with access to conventional and CNC lathes/milling machines these give opportunities to produce many types of components.

Profiled Components

Whether parts are Laser, Plasma, Gas or Waterjet cut, and from 1-100mm thick we can find the best way to get your components cut to suit your requirements.

Fabricated Components

after a component is made theres a host of other things you may want to do to it, fold it, weld it, press it.... the list goes on. we can offer as many of these services as required.

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